March 27, 2010

Agoura Half Marathon

It was grueling, but incredibly beautiful! Way to go girls! We did it!

March 19, 2010

Huntington Library

It has felt like summer this week in Southern California. So, we have tried to get outside quite a bit to enjoy it. Today, while Tyler was in school, Dylan, Austin and I went to the Huntington Library to explore the gardens with a friend.

When we first got there, we went over to the Children's Garden. Austin was so captured by these flowers that I could not get his attention to take a picture. Another girl came over and asked to take his picture (obviously because of how cute he is), and she could not get his attention, either!

The only thing that got his mind off the flowers were the water fountains. So, we spent a good amount of time getting wet!
The last time we were here, I sat on a bench to feed Austin, while my mom took the boys through the Japanese Garden. So, Dylan was thrilled to be my guide through the bamboo forest and up and down the steps to the bridge over the koi pond. It is beautiful, but unfortunately, there are a lot of hills, and I was carrying Austin and a HEAVY diaper bag, so there are no pictures there.

Fun on the lawn after a long day of walking and exploring the gardens:
Austin hasn't figured out that it is his nose that he should be covering when there are stinky feet nearby.
I love these 2 shots. Both boys doing the exact same thing:

3 Musketeers

March 13, 2010

Mt. Wilson Hike

We went hiking recently, but the trail we were hoping to go on was closed - dang Station Fire! So, we decided to try this hike up Mount Wilson, instead. The boys didn't fair quite as well on this hike, but we couldn't blame them. It was hot and the trail was very steep and narrow. We might have gone 1 mile before turning around to go back home. At least the pictures were great, though!

Notice how narrow? Oh and that is downtown LA in the background.

Always a good time for a little air guitar!

When I Need to Get Something Done

Christmas Card Pictures

We procrastinated again this year, and could not book a photographer in time for our Christmas card. So, we opted to take pictures of the kids by ourselves.

Well, we got 276 shots like these:

March 12, 2010


Traditional Shek Family Picture - can you spot the extra member of the family?
* hint - it is more than meets the eye!
Whenever Jason is around, there is sure to be craziness in the house. This time, he brought his nerf guns and the battle began.

Oh, did you think Dylan was aiming at you?

After the lightning-quick repositioning of the barrel, Grandpa became the victim! It's amazing that 30 years later, Transformers and Lego's are still a hit with the kids. Here is Dylan hogging Daddy's old toys:

Outside fun at the Shields':

Old School Chutes and Ladders. This game is probably 40 years old and still hanging in there!
Trying to get a picture with all 6 boy cousins, but the youngest 3 weren't cooperating.

So, we removed the baby, and this is the best we could do:
It was a small group for Thanksgiving Dinner, but still scrumptious.

March 5, 2010

Gymnastics Birthday

Also in November, we went down to Orange County to celebrate a friend's birthday. She hosted it at this incredible gym. There were pictures of Olympic Gymnasts all through the gym. Anyways, the kids got to enjoy themselves on all the apparatuses.

Grandma and Grandpa Visit

My parents came to visit for a couple of days in November. We went to the Santa Monica Pier, Getty Museum, Griffith Observatory, and failed a visit to Dodger Stadium.

Grandpa was kind enough to oblige Dylan and read at least 10 books in a row.

Even on a cloudy day, the Santa Monica Pier is beautiful:

When we were on the pier, there were a few women passing out tons of free samples of Stride gum. So, we ended up with quite a load of it. Tyler and Dylan had never liked gum because they thought the minty stuff was too spicy, but this was bubble gum. Well, they immediately loved it. So, I want to remember how funny this picture is with Dylan in his race car jacket driving a race car, giving the thumbs up all while chewing on his gum. Hopefully this is as close as he ever gets to becoming a red neck!

And, of course, Tyler is driving with all the intensity he can muster up.

Getty Museum:
This museum is fabulous in all sorts of ways. It has beautiful architecture, spectacular views and is very kid-friendly. My wild children have run around this place like crazy without ever getting in trouble. However, right after these pictures were taken, we got in trouble with security for trespassing on one of the sculptures.

Remember I mentioned "kid-friendly"? The kids can roll down their perfectly manicured lawns in the garden. Dylan, however, did not execute a successful roll and was pretty upset about the whole thing.

And here he is pouting:

Good thing Grandpa was on hand to make him feel better!
Oh, and Austin was happy as a clam sitting snug in the Bjorn: